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Experience the famous training system of ancient warriors, adapted for the modern user. 

Oceanview rooftop studio in Canggu, Bali. Personal training, YogaClass, Vibration and Acupressure Massage 



What is Pravilo?

Pravilo was once a confidential system of specialized training for warriors  –  
applying an ancient, traditional system of knowledge of the human body.

It is currently pioneered on an international level as a unique “exercise technique” for treatment and training, with the mission to help solve one of the greatest health challenges of our time: a truly integrative approach to deep healing in body, mind and spirit.
A session of Pravilo can work all the muscles of your body, you will also feel every tension and blockage you may have, managing to de-stress yourself. Improving your posture and fitness very quickly and effectively.

About the training

Pravilo is a device in which the human is suspended horizontally of feet and hands and at certain angles. This arrangement allows the body to be in a complex state of tension and relaxation that is not easy to achieve in other circumstances.

Making this a human with the ability to increase their strength by 5% per week, developing internal muscles and increasing their muscular endurance and elasticity.
It is a method of physical and mental training based on ancient and ancient techniques.




  • Relieve stress
  • Erase destructive patterns
  • Heal sleeping disorders
  • Release emotions
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Improve self-esteem & optimism
  • Improve interpersonal relations
  • Discover new perspectives and solutions to current obstacles
  • Increase openness to achieving mental wellbeing


  • Increase body power by 5% per week
  • Regenerate intervertebral discs
  • Develop fascial, ligaments, and muscles
  • Align all anatomic systems, especially blood and lymph circulation
  • Increase height
  • Quickly improve physical appearance
  • Develop natural posture
  • Increase abilitiy to identify personal weaknesses and strengths


  • Total rejuvenation
  • Cleanse energy channels
  • Open blockages
  • Experience altered states of consciousness
  • Open the soul and sources of creative strength
for athletes


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F. A. Q.

Most frequent questions and answers

How often can I do?

As in any practice, the effect of accumulation is extremely important. We recommend practicing at least once a week. The optimal training regime is the “two days to a third” mode. During a two-day break, the body manages to recover, while not having time to lose the effect.

Will I get hurt?​

The degree of tension received on Pravilo is comparable to the load received on the horizontal bar. Most classes are conducted under the student’s own weight (weight-balances are equal in mass to your body), and the load rises very smoothly. Breaking the body is simply impossible!


How long does it take to get an effect?

A tangible sustainable effect occurs after 5-10 lessons, but you need to take into account the individual anatomical, physiological and psychophysical characteristics and capabilities of each person. Like any other practice aimed at working with the body, Pravilo has a deep, long-lasting effect on a person, so you can and should do this simulator for as long as possible.

My back hurts. Will it help me?

PRAVILOworld is not a medical institution and we do not treat back diseases. But we can say that the vast majority of students are relieved.

Is it hard?​

The practice on Pravilo is associated with some overcoming. The sensations during practice are very intense and vibrant, often accompanied by discomfort, so each student must clearly understand and realize that he will need maximum mood and desire to go through this discomfort to get the result. The practitioner should be full of attention to his body and sensations and be able to “get along” with himself in this process.

This is far from fitness and not morning exercises, you should not come to Pravilo for the sake of empty interest. This is a serious practice requiring full awareness from the practitioner, reverence and unconditional determination!

What are the contraindications?​

There are quite a lot of contraindications, as with any other physical activity, but there are some specific ones.
  • spinal fractures
  • recent limb fractures, sprains, bruises, dislocations
  • metal implants in the body
  • lack of ligaments or shortened ligaments in the upper limb
  • postoperative period
  • inflammatory processes
  • mental illness and disorder
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • menstruation period
  • pregnancy
  • general malaise
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