Take your sports research to the next level

Stride beyond your competitors with this new, efficient training system and boost your post-competition recovery.

isometric training

Increase your power rate and activate new movement patterns in ligaments and tendons

Unlock the body's hidden reserves

Understand your mind in a deeper way, learn how the body functions and improves, and take your goals to the next level

Deep relax your body and mind

Stretch the body and remove physical, mental and emotional blockages


That is where Pravilo can help athletes, through proper tension and relaxation training, strengthening the tendons and ligaments will make it reach a greater development of its own strength.

Making this a super athlete with the ability to increase their strength by 5% per week, developing internal muscles and increasing their muscular endurance and elasticity.
It is a method of physical and mental training based on ancient and ancient techniques.

Pravilo is a device in which the athlete is suspended horizontally of feet and hands and at certain angles. This arrangement allows the body to be in a complex state of tension and relaxation that is not easy to achieve in other circumstances.

Muscle Tension Relief

Athletes who often suffer spasms or numbness after training can release tension thanks to the intensification of the lymphatic flow due to the suspension experienced in this device. An intense muscular activity causes painful sensations. This is due to an abundant production of lactic acid and accumulation of the products of cell disintegration in the muscles. The faster these body wastes leave, the faster the tension in the muscles disappears.


The cardiovascular system fulfills the function of transport routes in the body. It is the one that carries nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells. Oxygen-saturated blood from the lungs passes through the arteries while the blood containing the “residues of production” are sent through the veins to be purified and enriched with oxygen. As the body is forced to act against the force of gravity and pump upwards blood from the legs and lower body, the device Pravilo helps to ease the circulation process blood as the body takes advantage of the force of gravity working in its favor. The lymphatic system, unlike the cardiovascular system, lacks a “pump”. The lymph moves through the capillaries directed only by the contractions and relaxations of the muscles. Pravilo enhances the lymphatic circulation and helps to push the lymph into the thorax. The faster the lymphatic system is cleansed, the faster the pain and tension in the muscles disappear.

Competition reparation

A short film shot in March 2017 with the process of preparation for the Mr. Olympia competition. Our training was primarily aimed at relieving stress and improving blood circulation after intensive training in the GYM.
I am very happy to practice pravilo for one month and that gets me very relaxed. Every time I come after hard GYM workout very tense and then when we finish the session I fell my body so relax. I practice every day GYM and Pravilo compliment very well and helps me to keep my muscles stretch and recover faster.

Luis Antonio Berckemeyer

mr. Olimpia Fitness Peru