Miguel Melgar
Daniel Griffiths
Priya Camargo Muñoz
Lorena Nolte
Amalia De La Puente Salinas
Vanessa Porto
  • It goes beyond imagination, it is real, it is spirit, it is mind, body and soul. If you are sensitive to healing processes, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, you will feel a great alignment, but you will feel a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being. Your mind reaches a feeling of weightlessness that allows you to open and relax blockages lodged in your body and heal them. Intuitively they guide you to those you need through a Pranayama preparation, Yoga exercises and relaxation. First try once to experiment, then I knew I should have another session. My second session took me five times deeper, and now I'm going to look ten times deeper in my next session!
  • Pravilo was a great experience, very different from what I expected. I thought I would feel more tension in my lower back, but I felt it more in my arms. Now I feel more energized and I definitely recommend it to everyone!
    Robert Kidnie, Australia
    Pro-kitesurfer, Propietario kite-n-surf.com
  • It was amazing to fly... my body was floating as if I were in a lake- a wonderful feeling! After, I relaxed completely. Very pleasant and highly recommended to release tensions and feel like new.
  • I'm 53 years old and I smoke a lot and I don't do sports. In this session, I relaxed and began to feel my body again. This experience helped me understand how important it is to involve your body, after practice, I don't want to smoke again. Thank you very much!
  • Literally 'hang out' in conditions of weightlessness and clear thought. The head feels empty in deep, deep meditation. I really got rid of some fatigue and stress. Cosmic!
    Nicolai, Russia
    Freelance IT
  • It feels very fresh, with a pleasant feeling and a very strong relaxation .. It is difficult to describe with words .. but it is very strong. Now the whole body feels relaxed and full of strength ... I had never felt my body so renewed, relaxed and very vital.
  • I managed to feel how my spine stretched, I felt my joints, when you have some ideas in your head and there comes a point where you have no more space to listen to them and make a decision. I managed to understand and locate where my pain points were. One must disconnect his mind and you begin to visualize your body, you understand where you should relax and where you should stretch. The feelings are disconnected, you feel that you are here and at the same time you are not. You are in space, very good experience, I like these feelings.
    Zhanna Usova, Russia
    Yoga teacher, Owner GraviYoga. www.graviyoga.ru
  • New and incredible experience, when I closed my eyes I felt without gravity, in space, my body stretched and my mind flew. Very good, I enjoyed it a lot, I liked it. After practice my body was very relaxed. I feel lighter, very good!
  • Well, I felt nothing negative or pain and when I was in full practice I managed to relax. For 40 years I suffered from back pain, with Pravilo I managed to feel how all this accumulated pain flowed until it disappeared. Now I don't have any pain and I also have this feeling of relaxation and well-being. Thank you very much!
    Elena Revtova. Russia
  • I am Dutch and very grounded, so I don't think something is that amazing so fast. But this was amazing! The only time I used it was a wonderful job and I felt totally relaxed. A pity that I have to return to Holland and there is nothing like this there. I would definitely like to do it more often if I had the time! I can only say, keep up the good work!
  • Pravilo is a wonderful exercise that works with your center, the spine. From being hung you must start assenting your structure, to work and release the body. In this process you realize that in the column we keep a lot of information and many blockages, that little apoco you are releasing your physical, emotional and mental body. Freeing you from old employers, releasing saved penalties, freeing control and stress from day to day. Trusting the instructors who with great affection will take you on such a wonderful path of liberation of healing and strengthening, therefore and so little by little you will be able to enter into you deeper, safer and without any blockage. It is here where your strength begins to enter, the strength that each Warrior has inside and the Pravilo will develop it to the fullest. I thank you because I released places where I kept many things that were released, I thank you because I feel stronger more aware of my posture, of listening to my body, I feel more relaxed, it is a work of constancy and trust and how not to trust these two patient instructors thanks Sergey and Tito as I always say my angels of Pravilo. Thank you
    Padme Fletcher, Peru
    Owner "Rainbow of the Bridge", www.arcoirisdelpuente.com
  • Doing Pravilo was an experience of strength and self-control. Personally it released a lot of tension in my lower back and at the end of my lumbar problems they eased a lot. It is very good therapy, super recommended
    Ana Lucia Contreras Cerff, Peru
    Owner "Pakakuna Posada Gourmet", www.pakakunaposadagourmet.com/es/
  • The Pravilo experience has seemed intense, unlike anything else and highly recommended! It helps you to open spaces in the body that also lead to a mental opening and a release of stagnant emotions through the physical.
    Beatriz Rodriguez, Spain
    Akashic Records Channeler, www.gayrela.com
  • Pravilo is a tool that puts to work all your body and serves to release all physical and emotional tension- internal and external. Everyone deserves to hear about this method. It's a shame they are not staying here in the Valley.
    Nicoletta Sole, Italia
    Independent businesswoman
  • Thank you Sergey for expressing your vision to bring Pravilo from Russia to Peru. With his intuition and diverse knowledge of the harmonization of body, mind and soul, Pravilo has opened my curiosity even more to the mysterious connection between body and spirit. A seemingly physical technique, but the effects after the session when you return to the "known" state of your body, transports you to an "unknown" state of consciousness where you receive deep well-being and healing at the same time, messages for clarity of life and vitality, on a physical and cosmic level. I am "hooked" with the power and magic of Pravilo.
    Christina Lemomi Chaya, Japan
    Coordinator of Dr. Dennis McKenna conferences at Willka T'ika
  • For me, the Pravilo experience was more than relaxing, I managed to release tensions, de-stress and feel totally relaxed. I want to continue practicing Pravilo and I definitely recommend it to all my friends.
    Christian, Peru
    Cocoa artist and specialist
  • “In November 2016 I had the opportunity to try the“ Pravilo ”therapy for the first time. At first I did not want to try it especially because I am 55 years old and I am not the youngest. But when I dared to try it and they "hung up" I felt a total relaxation, since I had never before been able to experience that kind of stretching in my body. It did me so much good that I went regularly to do that therapy and I can say that the backaches I had before trying Pravilo have disappeared. I only regret that in Switzerland, the country where I currently live, this therapy is unknown. I will have to wait until my next trip to Lima to “hang up” again on that miraculous device.
    Ernesto Zulliger, Switzerland
    Founder and CEO www.porvenirperu.org